3 Benefits of Doorstops

Doorstops are essential household devices used to limit or slow down a door’s swinging movement. Despite having so many advantages, many homeowners are unaware of these handy small devices or knowingly delay investing in them.

If you fall in either of these two categories, then this blog is for you. Here, we’ll discuss some of the benefits of doorstops and why you should get them ASAP.

open door leading towards the living room

They Protect Your Walls & Doors

While most people opt for doorstops to prevent wall damage, they also end up protecting their doors in the process. The main purpose of doorstops is to reduce the impact made by a swinging door on the adjacent wall. They’re meant to prevent dents, cracks, or marks on the wall caused by the doorknob. Since these wall damages can amplify over time as the door continues to hit the wall repeatedly, doorstops are pretty much necessary to prevent these damages.

That said, doorstops do more than just protect the walls. They also protect the doors they’re placed for. That shiny new doorknob isn’t going to remain that sleek looking if it’s constantly banging into a wall. It’ll soon show signs of wear and tear, affecting your door’s aesthetic. Moreover, the constant impact can also cause the doorknob to break or lose some its functionality.

A doorstop protects the doorknob the same way it protects the walls: by preventing any scuff marks and dents. It’s a win-win situation.

They Prevent Door Injuries

You’d be surprised to learn that doors can pose a serious threat to young children, and be a source of finger injuries. Doors can also threaten the safety of pets, and may even affect adult health.

Let’s suppose you left the living room door ajar. There was a sudden gush of wind, and the breeze entered your living space via the open window. This caused the door to swing abruptly, smacking you right in the face just as you were walking back into the room. Sounds painful, doesn’t it? Now imagine this happening to a child or to a pet.

A doorstop can prevent incidents like these. You can get a fabric door stop online to prevent the door from swinging back.

adhesive doorstops

They Can Be Included as Part of Your Home Decor

Doorstops come in various shapes, sizes, and styles. You don’t have to opt for ugly or boring rugged doorstops. You can choose from intricate designs that not only serve their purpose well but also enhance your home’s aesthetic appeal.

Trust us, you’re going to love the addition of sleek new doorstops in your home once you see how beautifully they complement the interior design.

At The Dove Factor, we have a range of exquisite adhesive door stoppers for sale and fabric door stop for sale. These are available in varying designs.  Shop for door stops online with us today!

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