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Having moved into a new house, enjoying the ‘newness’ of everything a man notices the bedroom door keeps hitting the bedside table. He quickly realises the table will eventually have a mark on it and end up having an indelible indent before long...

Well, a door stopper might help... but he’d have to get the drill, cover the little area where the wood chips will fall on and then put a permanent blemish on the bedside table. “No, thank you”, he said to himself.

He called out to his wife, to bounce ideas off.
“I don’t want to move this side table and this door keeps banging on it, what if there was a door stopper that you could just stick on”, he said.

“That’ll be a good idea”, she said getting right on Google and completely stumped not to find something perfect.

That little dialogue on that summer day started us on the road to creating these door stoppers. Having solved our own problem, this has gone on to support:

  • A grandma who couldn’t stand the noise of doors banging on her wall but couldn’t use a drill or even bother with the hassle of it all;
  • A busy hardworking mom who just wanted some quick and easy to sort that annoying door out;
  • A dad who just finished renovating their family kitchen only to realise a cabinet door was doing a number on the nearby wall;
  • A new family with a newly installed mirror wardrobe about to be wrecked with a silly door!
We've so many more of our customers’ stories...

Since then, we’ve come up with other models and added other ‘No-Hassle’ door stops with unique designs that fit into any deco :)

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