4 Ways to Reduce Noise at Your Home

Does your house tend to get particularly noisy? Maybe it’s because you live on a noisy street, or perhaps it’s the structure of your home that enables sound to travel more readily within your space.

Whatever the cause may be, living in a noisy house is no fun. In fact, it may even be dangerous. Here’s how you can use reduce noise at your house.    

Use Heavy Drapery & Carpeting

Carpets and drapes aren’t just aesthetically appealing. They’re also useful accessories for sound absorption.

heavy drapes inside a bedroom

If your house tends to get especially noisy during the day when everyone’s moving around the place, you should consider adding carpets in areas that receive the most foot traffic. Similarly, heavy curtains and drapes also help lower noise levels by absorbing external sounds and allowing in reduced sounds.

Rearrange Your Furniture

If your house has hollow spaces inside, you should rethink your furnishing strategy. Move around your heavy furniture and use it to fill up these spaces. Consider placing your furniture against the walls as a way to decrease noise seepage.

This may also be time to invest in a couple of heavy wooden furniture items as these are especially useful for blocking and absorbing sound.

Invest in Heavy Doors

You should also consider replacing your doors. Most homes and apartments or include doors with panels. They’re lightweight and swing easily, but they also tend to have a hollow core. As a result, they aren’t very effective in blocking out sound.

If you want to avoid the hassle of soundproofing your doors, we suggest you invest in heavy wooden doors instead. These have solid cores and will effectively block out sound to a certain extent. It may seem like an expensive option at the moment, but it’ll pay off in the long run!

lightweight doors that allow in more sound

Use Door Stops

You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on making your home less noisy! There’s another extremely effective contraption you can use to reduce noise levels at your home: a good old door stop.

Door stops can be mounted on your walls or your floor, and act as a barrier between the door and the adjacent surface. They help prevent the door from hitting the wall or the furniture, saving you from the noisy door slams. You’d be surprised to observe the difference a few cleverly placed door stops can make to your home’s noise levels, especially if you’re used to hearing door slams every time the wind gushes in and causes your doors to swing. Even the best quality doors can cause this issue, and door stops will help you eliminate this type of noise from your home.

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