Baby On Board? 5 Ways to Child Proof Your Home for the Safety of Your Baby

Your baby has started crawling, and you’ve already begun finding them in places where they shouldn’t be!

While this is truly a delightful moment for any parent out there, you still need to take a few precautions. Child proofing your house will ensure that any misfortunes are nipped in the bud, and your child learns to crawl in the safest way possible.

Baby in a dress crawling on a wood floor

This blog lists some of the ways in which you can childproof your home and make it a safe crawling space for your little one.

1. Safety Gates Are Your Best Friend

This one tops the list, and rightly so!

Of course, you can’t keep an eye on your child throughout the day. When you’re busy and aren’t trying to drag them away from the staircase, a safety gate would do that for you.

If you have a house with stairs, then a safety gate is a must-have item to childproof your home. You can also use a safety gate in front of the fireplace.

2. Place Edge Bumpers on Furniture

How many times have you stubbed your knee against the table and cursed out loud?

An edge bumper becomes all the more necessary when you have a baby at home. Secure any corners or furniture, racks, tables and other pointy objects so that your child doesn’t run the risk of hitting them and getting injured.

3. Put on Safety Caps on Electrical Outlets

Your child is naturally curious, and they might be tempted to insert their fingers in an electrical outlet to see what happens. This is why it’s crucial that you place safety caps on all of your house’s unused electrical outlets and prevent any mishap.

hand placing a plug in an electrical socket

4. Place Non-Slip Pads under Rugs

Now that your child has begun crawling, they’ll soon be trying to walk on their own feet. Rugs and carpets that tend to slip on smooth floor surface can prove to be a hazard to your child. We recommend that you place non-slip pads under these rugs and make them slip-proof and childproof!

grey elephant face rug on the floor

5. Make Use of Door Stops

Heavy doors aren’t just a problem for walls, but small children as well. Ensure that you mount heavy-duty door stops on the wall or place a movable fabric door stop near every door in your house. Doing so will ensure that your child moves throughout the house safely and without any hurdles.

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