How to Choose the Best Door Stopper

A doorstopper prevents damage to the wall that’s next to your door. They’re essential household devices that are able to limit the movement of a door, protecting your wall and doors from any sort of damage. They prevent finger injuries from doors, make a home safer for children and pets, and much more.

However, what most people don’t realize is that a door stopper can add an aesthetic appeal to your home. They can completely transform the look of a room, and that’s why you should carefully consider which ones to choose. Here’s a guide.

Types of Door Stoppers

There are many different types of doorstoppers available, each with a particular function or feature. A spring stop is the most common type of door stopper with a rubber tip and installed behind the door. Floor-mounted door stops are ideal for those looking to do minimal damage to their walls and are super durable and long-lasting. A hinge-pin door stop is installed at the hinge of a door and is one of the most practical types of door stops. You aren't required to install any hardware into the wall and are incredibly reliable and sturdy.

If you're living on rent and don't want to install anything at all, we suggest that you get a wedge door stop. It's a portable doorstop that is wedged under a door and can be moved from one place to another without any problem.

A white double door

Dos and Don’ts

The door stopper that you select should be based on the type of hardware, floorboards, and décor that you have.

A floor stop isn't the best idea for a tiled floor, and spring stops won't function properly on ornate baseboards. If you need a door stopper for your front door or any other type of heavy-duty door, we suggest that you use double hinge-pin stops at the bottom and top for maximum protection and security. If you have a lot of wind coming in your house, then we suggest getting a magnetic door stop so that your doors don't randomly close with a loud bang every few moments!


Door stoppers come in a huge variety and are available in almost any design that you’d want. Forego a hinge door stopper if you want something with a more elegant finish, and pick a fabric door stopper instead. Look for one with colour-matching tips so that they can coordinate with your home.

Go for door stoppers that match the hardware and hinges of your door and interior décor. That way, your door stopper will be more cohesive to your whole house and won’t stick out like a sore thumb!

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