Transforming Spaces with Our New Adhesive Door Stops

Not All Adhesive Door Stops Are Created Equal!

adhesive doors stops are easily attached to skirting boards
In the ever changing world of home and office design, our range of adhesive door stops have been designed with the customer needs at the forefront of our minds.

This article outlines the success story of one of our best selling products, demonstrating how they offer a hassle-free and effective solution for your door stopping needs, without compromising on quality.

Our adhesive door stop combines ingenuity with simplicity, that eliminates the need for drilling, screws or any modifications. A welcomed accompaniment to any space.

Made from heavy duty stainless steel that provides strength and durability in one, our door stops are topped with a soft rubber bumper. This bumper ensures that doors are left intact, and not scratched or damaged when in use.

This self-adhesive door stop is so versatile that it can be easily applied to those awkward places where screws and drilling are impractical.

Our door stoppers use the highest quality 3M VHB (Very High Bond) adhesive, a superior adhesive that creates a firm bond between the door stop and surface.

This is not your standard 3M adhesive, the VHB provides an exceptionally strong bond, ensuring that the door stop remains in place even during the heaviest of uses.

The Benefits of Our Adhesive Door Stops

  • Simplicity: Our adhesive door stop epitomises ease with its simple peel and stick installation process. No screws, no drilling and no scuffs. Just a clean, quick and efficient solution that even the biggest non-DIYer can handle with ease
  • Unrivalled Quality: Our door stop is made from heavy-duty stainless steel, ensuring they are long-lasting even with the heaviest of uses. The soft rubber bumper top provides a safe contact point with your doors, preventing scratches and damage
  • Versatility: Traditional door stops often fall short when it comes to quality, longevity or design. Rarely do they excel in all 3. Our highly versatile, self-adhesive door stops fill that need and we are proud that our customer reviews continue to reflect that
  • 3M VHB Superior Bonding Technology: By harnessing the power of 3M VHB, a high-strength bonding tape, we offer a level of adhesion that is far superior to standard adhesives. This ensures that the door stop stays in place, providing reliable performance over time

Customer Feedback

Pair of self adhesive door stops by The Dove Factor

Since their introduction, our adhesive door stops have received rave reviews from our wonderful customers.

In particular the positive feedback focused on the ease of installation, quality and versatility. 

Many customers praise the ease to securely install the door stop, even in the most inaccessible and unusual places, such as thin side panels, where traditional door stops could cause damage. 

This positive response underlines the practicality and our commitment to providing the needs of our loyal and valued customers.

About The Dove Factor

Introducing The Dove Factor, your trusted partner in providing high-quality, versatile home and office solutions. 

As the leading provider of 3M VHB adhesive door stops, we are committed to ensuring safety, convenience, and appeal to every corner of your space.

They're more than just doorstops! They're a simple yet effective solution for your space, versatile enough to be installed in the most awkward of places.

Ready to transform your space with our new range of adhesive door stops?

Don't hesitate to reach out to The Dove Factor. Let's explore how we can help add value to your home or other space. 

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