White Adhesive Door Stop By The Dove Factor (2 Pcs) Diy
White Stick On Door Stop By The Dove Factor (2 Pcs) Diy
floor mounted door stop with adhesive
White Adhesive Door Stop By The Dove Factor (2 Pcs) Diy

White Adhesive Door Stop by The Dove Factor™ (2 PCs)

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White Adhesive Door Stops to Enhance the Aesthetic Appeal of Your Home

Door stops don’t have to be an eyesore for homeowners. The white adhesive door stops from our collection are sleek and chic and designed to complement your home's interior. You don’t need to invest in fancy wallpapers to enhance the appeal of your walls. Buying white door stops will instantly transform your home's look without being too heavy on the pocket.

These elegant-looking door stops aren’t just high on the chic factor. In fact, these door stops have been engineered with premium quality stainless steel that can withstand the weight of your doors and work efficiently. The 3M adhesive used in the door stops is highly durable and secures the door stops in place. These door stops can be used on walls and work just as well on floor surfaces.

Buy our adhesive door stops online and spruce up the look of your walls!

  • Made from premium stainless steel to handle the door's heavyweight and cushioned in strong rubber to prevent damage, Its sleek and classic design makes it versatile enough to fit in with any home decor.
  • Needs no screws and attaches to your wall or floor with super-strong 3M adhesive making it easy to be moved and attached elsewhere, saving your walls from having holes drilled into them in the process.
  • You can use it on practically anything that needs protection from any bumping or scuffing, like walls, skirting board, televisions, side tables, wardrobes, etc. Here are some more benefits when you install this door stopper:
    • Muffle the "banging" sound made by your doors when pushed too hard.
    • It works as a wall-mounted stopper, but it can also be mounted on the floor.

For best results, clean the area before applying the sticker.

Keep your walls and doors pristine & scuff-free with the Dove Factor™ Adhesive Mounted Door Stoppers! Click on “Add To Basket” TODAY!