A Closer Look at the Different Types of Door Stops: Which One Should You Choose?

Door stops have emerged as one of the most popular home furnishing elements. They exist in various forms and are used to prevent doors from damaging surfaces next to them when they swing shut.

Here’s a look at a few types of door stops.

Wall Mount Stops

Wall mounted door stops are inserted on the walls and are typically placed toward the bottom skirting. They don’t occupy any floor space, and therefore, don’t act as an obstruction. Wall mounted stops are extremely effective in stopping the door from crashing into the fall, protecting both surfaces from collision damages.

door hitting a wall

You don’t necessarily have to insert these door stops toward the wall’s skirting. In fact, many homeowners prefer to have the door stops placed at the door knob or lever level. In doing so, the stops also add a decorative element to the walls.

Floor Mount Stops

Floor mounted door stops are added on the floor and act as a barrier between the door and the adjacent wall. They’re especially useful for preventing the damage caused by not just the door, but also the edge of the door. Having a floor mounted door stop protects your wall as well as your door, helping keep both structures intact.

Floor mounted stops are made from steady metal components which allows them to withstand heavy impact.  They can also be placed at spots near your furniture, preventing the door from hitting the furnishing elements.

Hinge Mounted Stops

Hinge mounted door stops are typically installed on a door’s hinges instead of being installed on the floor or on the walls. They’re rather discreet and are best suited for smaller spaces such as your bathrooms where the door may hit the vanity or the towel hamper.

Adhesive Back Stops

Unlike your usual door stops that need to be drilled onto the walls or the floor, adhesive back door stops adhere to a simple peel-back method. They come with strong adhesive backs that stick firmly against your surfaces without you having to use any special equipment for installation.

adhesive door stops

Adhesive door stops are versatile and may be used on walls, floors, cabinets, skirting, or pretty much any surface that’s at the risk of being hit by a door. They’re your no-fuss door stop options that don’t need to be installed via drilling or other complicated procedures.

Fabric Stops

Fabric door stops act the way paper weights do, except that these are larger and heavier. They can be moved from room to room and be placed near the door to prevent them from hitting the wall. Fabric door stops come in unique shapes and designs, and are also used as decorative elements.

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