A Guide to Setting Doorstops

Tired of listening to the noise of doors slamming against the wall each time they shut on their own? Want to prevent this door slamming cause even more damage to your newly painted walls? Looks like you could do with a couple of doorstops for your home.

hallway and open doors

Let’s be honest, though. Drilling holes in your walls and adding screws isn’t exactly the convenient solution you’re looking for. Installing these kind of doorstops is a time consuming and injury prone process, and not really how you want to spend your weekend.

That’s where our adhesive door stops come in the picture. These require no screws and save you the dangerous task of drilling holes in your walls. Here’s a look at a few FAQs regarding our most popular doorstops and how you can set them up at your home.

How Are These Doorstops Attached to Walls?

Our doorstops come with a strong 3 M adhesive that makes the installation process swift and easy. You simply need to mount the doorstops on your walls or place it against the skirting boards. The 3M adhesive we provide will take care of the rest, attaching the doorstops to the surface and anchoring them in place.

Will the Doorstops Come Loose After a While?

Nope! We use a super string adhesive to ensure this doesn’t happen. Your doorstops will remain just as securely attached to your walls after several months and years as they were when you first set them up.

adhesive doorstop installed in a home

What Surfaces Can the Doorstops Be Used For?

Our products can be used on pretty much any surface, from walls and skirting boards to cabinets and side tables. Vinyl, wood, ceramic, tiles; you name it! They can be used as wall mounted doorstops and even be installed on your home’s flooring.

You can also use them in areas where there will be greater moisture content (for e.g., bathrooms, saunas, or the poolside). The 3M VHB adhesive pad that comes with the doorstops keeps out water. You just need to make sure that the surface you’re installing the doorstop against isn’t wet or damp prior to installing.

What Makes Them Suitable for Use?

Apart from the fact that they come with adhesive pads that maximize convenience and ease of use, the doorstops we offer are also sturdy and built to last. They’re made from premium stainless steel which allows them to bear the force exerted by heavyweight doors. They also have a strong rubber cushioning to prevent door and wall damage.

Not only do our doorstops muffle that annoying "door slamming" sound you’ve had enough of, but they also blend in perfectly with the interior home decor. This makes them just the right tools for enhancing your home’s aesthetics while also improving door functionality.

At The Dove Factor, we have a range of exquisite adhesive door stops online and fabric doorstop for sale. Shop for door stops online in UK with us today!

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