Homeowner's Checklist to Buying the Right Doorstops Online

When designing their homes' interiors, most homeowners give immense attention to every major detail. What colour will go on the walls, the wood that'll be used to craft the doors, and even what door handles will complement the entire look of the house.

But one of the most crucial elements of a home is often neglected; the doorstop.

Wooden door with frosted glass panel

Doorstops aren't just a means to prevent your doors from slamming into the drywalls; they can also add that touch of elegance to your home.

Read through our blog to understand how new homeowners can buy the right doorstop online and complete the look of their home.


A doorstop should be heavy and robust enough to bear the weight of your heavy, wooden doors. Wooden, rubber, metal, and even magnetic door stops are available on the market.

However, investing in a stainless steel or fabric door stop is an ideal choice for this purpose. While a stainless steel door stop won't rust easily and will conveniently hold your doors in place, a fabric door stop will be the perfect choice for a household that has young kids.

Types of Doorstops

Stick-on Doorstops

The first thing that comes to mind when you think about doorstops is that they need to be screwed into the wall. But, if you don’t want to bust out the drilling gun and put holes in your wall, you can buy stick on door stops as the right solution for you.

round black stainless steel door stop

Screw-in Doorstops

If you want to go the old-school way, then screw-in doorstops are the way to go. You'll need to bring out a few tools and invest some time to install the screw in doorstops in place.

Hinge Mount Stops

If you find door and floor mounts unsightly, then a hinge mount doorstop will be the right choice. These doorstops are mounted between the door hinges and wall and are concealed behind the door.

Roller Stops

Installing roller stops between adjacent doors keeps them from rubbing against one another and creating damage. This mounting option allows for the doors to operate smoothly and without any hindrance.

Floor or Wall Mounts

Choosing a wall mount, door mount, or a floor mount door stop depends on your needs. Whether you want to minimize the door slamming noise or you want to keep the doors open to allow for ventilation, the final decision comes down to your needs and preferences.

A wall-mount or door mount door will ensure that the door doesn't just whack into the drywall and damage your wallpaper or newly done paint job. Moreover, they're ideal for keeping the door open in high traffic areas of your house.

On the other hand, a floor mount doorstop is ideal when you don't want to ruin your baseboards' finish.

Who says doorstops need to look dull and boring? Not us!

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